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Over the past four years Bill Trounce has been the driving force behind setting up the Farrer School Museum. He has put in many hours collecting and putting together a database of every item in the museum. Below is some of the information that Bill has collated. The scanning of all Myalls and associated historical documents (1939 to 2013) have been uploaded into the Farrer Intranet Resources. This includes historical records of:

  • Principals 1939-2013
  • Deputy Principals 1939-2013
  • Teaching Staff 1939-2013
  • Non-Teaching Staff 1939-2013
  • Captains and Senior Prefects 1939-2013
  • Dux of the School 1939-2013

Also, scanning has been completed for the following records:

  • Aerial Images
  • Historical Records 1939
  • Museum Old Boys Contributions
  • Museum Staff Contributions
  • Museum 2012
  • Museum Images 30Nov11
  • Museum Layout Plan
  • Visual Museum Tour 2013
  • Museum Resources File
  • Museum Reports

Tasks that require attention next include:

  • Completing the accession of outstanding items for the Museum Resources File
  • Developing an improved display in the Stairwell Area incorporating the 1990’s-era Sports team photos and promotion images
  • Developing a plan for the redevelopment of additional first-floor rooms in BOF to give the Museum more space for display. The basis of the plan is to have “decade area�? sections within the Museum

If you have any items that you would like to donate to the museum please contact Bill through the school or through the Old Boys Association – go to the Contact us page.