Email 24/07/2014

Below is a recent email received on 24/07/2014 at 10:15 pm

Hello Jock,

I am contacting you as the daughter of one of the original old boys, Bryan Cedric Walker Blake formerly of “Talbra” Dunedoo. 2820. NSW Birth date 28.10. 1925. I have been meaning to contact Farrer to inform you of my Dads passing in November 2012. Dad would have liked me to have contacted you. He did attend a few old boy reunions & enjoyed them very much. He did tell me over time he had donated some items of his to the Museum. I regret that i wasnt able to accompany Dad to the old boys reunion in 2009 as i had hoped to do. He wasn’t particularly well and my oldest son was doing his HSC that year also. Unfortunately the following years since 2009 Dad & Mums health deteriorated and as well as a lot of other issues, prevented Dad getting back to his old school…..of which he had many happy memories. I think Dads diary was photocopied & put in the museum? I know there is items here amongst his possessions that id like to donate. There is two enlarged framed pictures which Dad had done professionally . One is a sketching of the school & the other is a blown up photo of head masters. I know there is another photo but my sister has it as it was in his room at the Narromine Nursing Home where he was for a few years before he passed away. Anyway id like to get the items together & maybe i could attend the next old boys reunion on Dads behalf, and bring them along with me. Will wait to hear from you.

With Thanks Mary-Jane Blake.